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Real Estate photographers generally charge too much and give you less than they should. We believe in our workflow enough to offer realistic pricing options for every realtor, whatever the need is.



No disrespect to your iPhone but it just won't cut it anymore. Though shooting your new listing on your phone may be the cheap and easy option, there is a good amount of post production and gear required to give it that extra level of quality and professionalism. We do believe using professional photos will draw more costumers to your listing. Consider it an investment.


We are fully aware that realtors are very busy people. We want to minimize your time on site by efficiently getting work done. Our goal is to be in and out as quickly as possible while still providing exceptional production quality. This also includes turnaround time. Receiving your pictures shouldn't take days or weeks. In our opinion, it shouldn't take more than one. 





Ready to list your house? This is the package for you.

Most real estate photographers charge by the square footage. We do it by listing price. We don't tack on extra charges for drone photos. They are included in the essentials package. We don't charge more for priority time slots (dawn, sunrise, twilight, sunset, etc.). As long as we are available to shoot, you can book any time slot you want. Simplicity is the name of the game here.



  • At least 25 interior and exterior photos
  • At least 2 drone shots (included FREE)
  • Professionally edited
  • 24 hour turnaround 
  • Flexible shooting schedule


  • $100K-$200K = $100
  • $200K-$300K = $120
  • $300K-$400K = $140
  • $400K-$500K = $160
  • $500K-$600K = $180
  • $600K-$700K = $200
  • $700K-$800K = $220
  • $800K-$900K = $240
  • $900K-$1.0M = $260
  • $1.0M-$2.0M = $300
  • $$BILL GATES = $400


Need something specific?

Sometimes you only need drone shots or exteriors, whatever it is, we have you covered. Contact us.




1. Book your shoot online or call/text 

CLICK HERE to book your shoot online

- (239) 240-4320

2. Prep house for shoot

- Whether you will be on site for the shoot or not, make sure the house is ready to be shot in its best light. Believe it or not, I show up to houses all the time where the home owner seems completely unaware that unmade beds, hurricane shutters on the windows and general clutter hurt the presentation. Here are some optional steps you can take with the owners to make the photos look their best and make my job easier and quicker.

  1. Clean house (should be a no-brainer, but, you know, humans...)
  2. Less clutter is a happy camera man (obviously you can't tell someone they're a pack-rat, but getting rid of stuff will go a long way...)
  3. Blinds open or up (not a necessity, but it will make my job quicker)
  4. Fans off (running ceiling fans create motion blur)
  5. Lights on (again, not a necessity but I'm going to have to turn them all on if they don't)
  6. Lawn mowed
  7. Garbage cans put in garage 
  8. Cars in garage or off property 

3. Shoot 

- Most shoots take an hour to two. Don't feel obligated to stay for the entire shoot. If vacant, I am completely capable of shutting everything off and locking the place up. If the home owner(s) will be there, I am more than capable of telling them how amazing of a realtor you are and how they made the best decision! For real though, I don't mind the small talk, I enjoy it! 

4. Edit

- Usually expect a one day turnaround, unless shot on a Friday-Sunday where it might take two. If there is urgency, just let me know and I'll do the best I can to accomidate. 

5. Purchase and transfer of photos to you

- Upon editing completion, you'll be given a link to this website where you pay and download the photos. If you are at this point and need help, CLICK HERE.